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News and Media

Latest news on the International Police Association from all over the world. Leading media coverage of our activity, current events, congresses, meetings, projects and other information.

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Association Events

The most important and recent events of the IPA Russian Section. Every day thousands of our employees work in Russia, improve their skills, hold forums, congresses, meetings and organise other public events.

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Association History

The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police (militia) force, whether in employment or retired. The Russian Section was created on 28 March 1992 by police officers from nine regions of the Russian Federation.

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Large Scale

We have more than 500,000 members

Large Territories

We are located in 69 countries around the world

Russian Regions

We have more than 70 regional offices throughout Russia


Our key partners: UNESCO, INTERPOL, UN

Broad Paths of Action

Our main focus areas: security, experience exchange, sports and police tourism


Clear and timely provision of relevant information for citizens and officials

- Servo per Amikeco "Service through Friendship" -

~ IPA (International Police Association)