20 April 2022

Chairman of the IPA Russian Section's Expert Council, Army General, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Anatoly Kulikov spoke in a telephone interview about the events in Ukraine in the Platform programme by Andrey Karaulov.

Anatoly Kulikov shared his assumption that the Moskva flagship cruiser, one of the most powerful warships of the Russian Navy, sank on 14 April 2022 due to the impact not of Ukraine’s but NATO’s anti-ship missiles. The Army General expressed his deepest regret over the loss of the cruiser and noted that the Special Military Operation continues and it should lead to a just victory.

In order to achieve the goal of Denazification and Demilitarisation of Ukraine with the least losses, Kulikov suggested switching to a temporary mobilisation form of governance of Russia and its economy. This form includes the repeal or suspension of laws if they prevent the creation of favourable conditions for the production of military-industrial production. It is also important to involve various categories of citizens in order to realise their potential and diversify skills. The experience of the Great Patriotic War, when such a scheme was practiced, may help in doing this. In addition, the system of training military leaders, as well as tactical and operational reserves should be updated as part of a long-term strategy to combat Nazi militant groups.

According to the expert, the supply of high-tech weapons to Ukraine by the United States is a serious issue. The USA may be not only a supplier but also an operator of those weapons, since modern systems allow controlling equipment remotely. If Russia proves the facts of the direct participation of the West in the strikes, the conflict may take other forms.

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