Moscow, 7 January – RIA Novosti

The storming of the Capitol building in the United States demonstrated reluctance and unwillingness of the police to protect key objects of the country, according to President of the International Police Association Russian Section Yury Zhdanov.

On Wednesday, supporters of the current US President Donald Trump gathered in Washington to demonstrate in his support and stormed the Capitol building, interrupting a Congress meeting that was supposed to approve the results of the last election. Law enforcement officers used tear-gas and stun grenades. According to the Washington police, four people were killed during the protests.

‘The situation in the United States has shown the absolute unpreparedness of law enforcement forces to protect key objects of the country, to take antiterrorist action. It was impossible to allow the seizure of the building, the Speaker’s Lobby. All this suggests that the police are unprepared, that the United States is not ready for such challenges. When a significant number of people come out on the street behaving destructively and causing damage to established social values, democracy, human rights and so on,’ Zhdanov told RIA Novosti.

‘On the other hand, it shows that the police are tired of being bullied and criticised by various opponents for using excessive force. This has led to the fact that the law and order guards have given up and there is no desire to take risks, to act more harshly. These two factors have led to the fact that the police have no desire to protect such a society,’ the expert added.