On 22 April 2021, the results of the regional stage of the GOLDEN MERCURY competition were summed up in Tula. Among the awardees was the International Police Academy of the All-Russian Police Association! It became the winner in the nomination ‘Forward-Looking.’ It is very pleasant to receive recognition!!!

As it was noted, the development of the Tula Region is impossible without higher education of excellent quality. The International Police Academy of the All-Russian Police Association (IPA VPA) has everything necessary for this – an educational and methodological base, a highly professional teaching staff, a library with a collection of over 75,000 items of material; reading and electronic reading rooms, fully implemented remote technologies for all available forms of training. Many teachers and staff at the University have the ranks of Police Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels, i.e. they own a rich practical experience and transfer this experience and knowledge to students.

The majority of the University graduates enjoy a high rating. They are employed in organisations and enterprises of the Tula Region in accordance with the qualifications obtained at the Police Academy.