1 July 2022


Sanctions on Russia already hitting remittance-dependent countries in Central Asia: IOM

As the UN marks the International Day of Family Remittances on Thursday, there is concern that economic contraction and job losses in Russia - likely to now rise further as a result of sanctions imposed since the invasion of Ukraine - are already having an impact on remittance-dependent communities in Central Asia, according to experts with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In his message marking the international day, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, said that it was important to accelerate efforts to bring everyone online, "while investing in digital tools and financial inclusion for all. The cost of remittances must be brought close to zero to help families manage their obligations efficiently".


UN drug report shines light on cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine trends

Legalized cannabis use in some countries and states appears to have accelerated daily use and related health impacts, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) revealed in a new report released on Monday

The World Drug Report 2022 also details the environmental consequences of the illicit drugs trade, the expansion of synthetic drugs to new markets, and an all-time high in cocaine production.


Note to Correspondents: Texas deaths


"We were deeply saddened to learn that at least 46 migrants died in the trailer of an abandoned truck in San Antonio, Texas on Monday.

Authorities in both the US and Mexico must investigate and bring to justice all those who had a role in the chain of events that resulted in this tragedy.  This horror once again highlights the need for comprehensive strategies for safe, orderly and regular migration in the region."


More than 70 grave violations against children caught up in war, being recorded daily: UNICEF

A “staggering” average of 71 verified grave violations a day, are committed against children by parties to conflict in more than 30 settings across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

This is one of the key findings of a new report entitled, 25 years of children and armed conflict: Taking action to protect children in war, launched by the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF, on Tuesday.




INTERPOL convenes global summit on the use of drones

The INTERPOL fourth international expert conference on drones took place in Oslo, Norway from 20-22 June

Over 300 participants from more than 50 countries have converged in the Norwegian capital to attend INTERPOL’s fourth expert conference on the use of drones, representing a multitude of law enforcement agencies as well as attendees with security and emergency preparedness functions.


Hundreds of stolen cars recovered in global police operation against vehicle trafficking

Vehicle crime increasingly linked to other criminal activities

LYON, France – A global police operation targeting stolen vehicle trafficking has led to the recovery of hundreds of cars, trucks and motorbikes in just two weeks.


Operation Weka II: Nearly 700 human trafficking victims rescued

INTERPOL-coordinated police action mobilizes 44 countries across four continents

LYON, France – In an INTERPOL-led crackdown on the criminal groups behind human trafficking and migrant smuggling, authorities across 44 countries have rescued nearly 700 victims of human trafficking.


INTERPOL African conference ends with call for greater data exchange

Increased coordination via INTERPOL to boost regional response to crime and terrorism

COTONOU, Benin - INTERPOL’s African Regional Conference closed with a series of recommendations to increase information sharing and operational activity to combat transnational crime and terrorism.


South American ministers target transnational organized crime with INTERPOL support

Inaugural ministerial meeting sets course for enhanced cooperation

BRASILIA, Brazil – Ministers from South American countries have stressed their commitment to improving coordinated action against transnational organized crime, recognizing INTERPOL’s role in regional security.   



Human traffickers luring Ukrainian refugees on the web targeted in EU-wide hackathon

14 EU Member States joined forces during a joint action day to identify human traffickers searching for Ukrainian victims online

On 23 May 2022, an EMPACT coordinated online joint action day targeted criminal networks grooming Ukrainian refugees for sexual and labour exploitation via websites and social media platforms. Law enforcement authorities from 14 EU Member States* took part in this hackathon**, coordinated by the Netherlands. The investigators monitored different online platforms to detect criminal networks attempting to recruit vulnerable Ukrainian refugees. 


Phishing gang behind several million euros worth of losses busted in Belgium and the Netherlands

The suspects sent emails and text messages with phishing links to bogus banking websites

A cross-border operation, supported by Europol and involving the Belgian Police (Police Fédérale/Federale Politie) and the Dutch Police (Politie), resulted in the dismantling of an organised crime group involved in phishing, fraud, scams and money laundering. 


Three arrests after police action against religious extremist propaganda in Germany

The three individuals are suspected members of the so-called 'Caliphate State', a banned radical Islamist organisation

On 28 June 2022, the German Regional Police (Landeskriminalamt) struck against the so-called 'Caliphate State' religious extremist organisation. During the action day, coordinated by the Landeskriminalamt Rhineland-Palatinate, German law enforcement officers from six German States raided 50 locations in a joint operation and arrested three individuals. The arrested individuals are suspected members of 'Caliphate State', which is a banned organisation in Germany. During the house searches, officers seized three firearms, propaganda material, and more than EUR 270 000. Investigators are currently working on identifying international links.


10 arrests for sexual exploitation in France, Spain and Portugal

The suspects, predominantly of Brazilian origin, managed their victims’ online accounts

The French Border Police (Police National/Police aux frontières), the Spanish National Police (Policía Nacional), the Portuguese Judicial Police (Polícia Judiciária) and the Brazilian Federal Police (Polícia Federal), supported by Europol and Eurojust, dismantled a criminal network involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation. The investigation resulted in simultaneous law enforcement actions in France, Portugal and Spain.


Thirteen arrested over German cashpoint explosions that netted gang over EUR 1.6 million

The German authorities, together with their Dutch and Belgian counterparts, have arrested thirteen members of a Dutch gang linked to 12 attacks against cash machines in Germany, causing millions of euros in damage.

The last phase of the investigation took place on 28 June, which saw over 100 officers involved on the ground in Germany (North Rhine Westphalia) and the Netherlands.