On 12–15 April 2022, the leadership and members of the IPA Russian Section visited Serbia at the invitation of colleagues of the IPA Serbian Section. Within the framework of the visit, IPA RS Vice-President, Militia Colonel Igor Zolotnitsky and the RS member, Militia Major Vera Korableva met with Vice-President, Coordinator of International Relations with Eastern Europe Dobrivoje Stojanović and other members of the Serbian Section.

The Russian delegation visited the Temple of Saint Sava, where a meeting with the Bishop took place. A visit to the Serbian Parliament took place as well. The delegation made a speech to the Serbian Section leadership and journalists. It was dedicated to a new stage and prospects for cooperation between Russian and Serbian Sections. Igor Zolotnitsky shared how the IPA Russian Section helped refugees from Ukraine moving to Russian regions.

As part of the programme, the guests also visited the city of Sremski Karlovci.