On the site of the IPA of Russia, together with the KinoKult Studio, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, a project was created: “MAGOMED NURBAGANDOV. KEEP WORKING, BROTHERS!”, which won the competition. The project is to produce a documentary film about a police hero from Dagestan, who, looking death in the eyes, being under the guns of terrorists, did not give up the title of a policeman, but called on all policemen to continue to fight evil and criminals. He said: "KEEP WORKING, BROTHERS!"

While working on this project, the film crew headed by Elena Shipilova clearly imagined that the common enemy is crime and in counteracting this evil, such concepts as honor, dignity and courage are symbols that do not require translation and comments. And learning about what a feat their colleague from Russia accomplished, no one remained indifferent. The same policeman from America, Greg Potter, and many others admired Nurbagandov's deed, worried, emphasized that these courageous words "Keep working, brothers!", Said by him looking into the eyes of death, are a symbol for all the policemen of the world!
The project work has been completed. The film crew returned to Dagestan, where they did a great creative job, going towards the goal of releasing the film exactly on time. There were no indifferent people in the creation of our project. Everyone, from the Head of the Republic Melikov Sergey Alimovich to the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gadzhiev Abdulkhakim Kutbudinovich, from the Minister of Internal Affairs Magomedov Abdurashid Magomedovich to members of the police association of Dagestan headed by Dibirov Bagauddin Abdullaevich, from colleagues and colleagues of Nurbagandov to his family and fellow villagers, invested bit by bit a worthy contribution to its implementation. And they only asked for one thing, so that we could create it by the opening day of the monument to the hero-policeman in October this year. And we have no right to let them down. Because today Nurbagandov’s words “Keep working, brothers!” for law enforcement officers who protect their people from terrorism and violence are especially relevant and important, perhaps more than ever.” The film about the feat of a policeman was highly appreciated and recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other departments. This film is recommended to be shown to a wide audience of cadets and students of specialized educational institutions.