Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee

On 18 May 2022, the Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee hosted a public lecture by President of the All-Russian public organisation ‘International Police Association Russian Section’, Doctor of Law, Professor, Police Lieutenant-General Yury Zhdanov.

Yury Nikolaevich devoted his lecture to crime in the digital age. The students learned a lot about cybernetic attacks and means of countering them. Particular attention was paid to the role and significance of Sberbank Cyber Defence Centre, the tasks it faces and its capabilities. The foreign experience of countering crimes in the field of information and communication technologies was also considered.

Rightly noting that ‘the whole world is turning into a digit,’ Yury Nikolaevich repeatedly stressed the importance of the investigator’s profession in the fight against crime in the digital age. Investigators should work for the future, understand digital technologies, prevent the commission of cybercrimes, investigate them and bring to criminal responsibility the perpetrators, no matter where in the world they would be.

At the end, Yury Nikolaevich presented the book ‘Cybermafia. Global Trends and International Counteraction’ (in Russian) and answered questions about countering suicide and schoolshooting in cyberspace; cryptocurrencies and risks associated with them; prospects for learning from foreign experience in countering cybercrime; initiatives related to compensation of funds stolen from citizens by cybercriminals.

The students demonstrated a sincere interest in the lecture material. Yury Nikolaevich appreciated their enthusiasm and offered to familiarise the best students with the work of the Sberbank Cyber Defence Centre.