25 May. Volgograd City TV Channel-MTV.online

Stop cybercrime: An international conference ‘COVID-19: Crime, Cybersecurity, Society, Police’ was held in the Battle of Stalingrad Museum’s Hall of Triumph. The participants were representatives of the Russian law enforcement agencies, guests from the Post-Soviet and other foreign states.

The conference is organised by the regional office of the International Police Association Russian Section (IPA RS). Its President Irina Rokotyanskaya outlined the importance and relevance of the topic of electronic control over society, as well as of modern crime.

Ms Irina Rokotyanskaya, President of the IPA RS Volgograd Regional Office:

It is friends who have gathered, it is those people who want to support, believe in it. After all, we want our police association to popularise the police.

President of the International Police Association Russian Section, Professor Yury Zhdanov addressed the conference participants online. He noted the expansion of cybercrime during the pandemic.

Mr Yury Zhdanov, Head of the IPA Russian Section:

The projected losses from cybercrime will grow to 90 trillion dollars by 2030. And this growth has been felt constantly in recent years.

Head of the regional directorate of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service (UFSIN RF), Major General Alexander Prosvernin proposed to join forces to adopt a legislative decision on restricting the Internet and cellular communication in penitentiary institutions.

Mr Alexander Prosvernin, Head of UFSIN RF for the Volgograd Region:

It is necessary to oblige mobile operators that provide services on the territory of the country to use their communication restriction systems in our institutions.

The meeting of law enforcement agencies representatives in Volgograd became a large-scale event. The conference participants from foreign countries stressed the great positive role of Russia in suppressing the actions of international crime, in maintaining stability in various regions of the world.

Mr Paul Timkowski, Representative of the Ministry of Public Security and Police of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation:

We can always count on support from Russia. This is very important for us because Israel is a small country and it is difficult without the support of such a large country as Russia.

The representative of the Republic of Moldova thanked our country for providing humanitarian assistance during the spread of coronavirus infection.

Mr Alexander Pavlyuk, official representative of the Information and Security Service of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation:

We appreciate it, it feels so good. As they say, a friend in need is a friend indeed. We have become closer and now we can continue the communication that has been formed for a very long time.

The participants of the international meeting noted that social stability in the future depends on the proper upbringing of children and adolescents. It is important to develop positive thinking among the younger generation, the basis of mental health.

Ms Larisa Raevskaya, Chief Child Psychiatrist at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for the Southern Federal District:

From my point of view, it is necessary to activate the good, the positive, to teach the child to interact with this world constructively.

All-Russian and international meetings of professionals from police departments will be held on a regular basis. The Hero City of Volgograd becomes a pilot platform.