9 February 2022. FORPOST-SZ.RU

Written by Sergey Bondarenko

Translated by Elizaveta Ovchinnikova


President of the International Police Association Russian Section, Doctor of Law, Lieutenant General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ex-Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Yury Zhdanov continued the already traditional cycle of meetings of Saint Petersburg Mining University students and lecturers with interesting and influential people. The author of textbooks and monographs on jurisprudence and digital security and the expert of leading federal publications on cybercrime gave a brief lecture. He outlined the major trends in information development and answered questions.


As it turned out, the audience was most interested in issues related to cryptocurrencies: their security and impact on the financial system. According to the expert, this is still a high risk market, and the transfer of company’s settlements into the digital currency sector, the theoretical possibility of which one of the listeners asked to comment on, is rather a dangerous experiment than a practice that should be considered even in the medium term.

The answer to the question about the actual refusal of the State to regulate the turnover of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of this year appeared to be witty and unexpected. ‘Does this mean that the State gives the go-ahead?’ the student asked. According to Yury Zhdanov, the regulators will continue to look closely at the digital money market, while the temporary lack of legislative regulation is primarily due to the search for a common understanding of its prospects. In addition, as the expert highlighted, it is pointless to ban anything without having real tools for controlling implementation of the ban. From his point of view, in Russia this time they moved in the right direction not trying to shoot from the hip as was the case, for example, with the ban on the Telegram messenger.

The meeting, which was attended by about a hundred people, lasted more than an hour. And it will definitely not be the last one. The students agreed with Yury Zhdanov that the next conversation topic would be information security of mineral resources facilities.