28 August 2021. RIA Novosti

The expert said that the *Taliban’s core can be agents recruited by the CIA


Several *Taliban movement leaders were previously released from the US Guantanamo Bay prison. They were probably recruited by the CIA, - President of the International Police Association the Russian Section Yury Zhdanov told RIA Novosti.

‘All these events in Afghanistan are quite strange. In addition to the rapid success of the *Taliban troops, warehouses with various modern weapons and equipment left intact in good condition are suspicious. No one has destroyed them or tried to. It is obvious that Americans created their own intelligence network in the Taliban to manage this chaos. That is why several Taliban members have been recruited. Former Guantanamo detainee Abdul Qayyum Zakir was appointed Defence Minister of Afghanistan. And he was one of the main Taliban field commanders, participated in battles with American forces,’ Mr Zhdanov said.

Mr Zhdanov recalls that for some reason Zakir has been released from Guantanamo. And he has begun to fight for the Taliban again .

‘Moreover, a number of Guantanamo ex-prisoners were released and joined the terrorists. For example, Khairullah Khairkhwa headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan in the late 90s. The Americans arrested him during their anti-terrorist operation, since the CIA and the FBI counted him among bin Laden’s associates. After that, Khairkhwa was sent to Guantanamo. He spent 12 years there, and then he and several other Talibs were exchanged for a captured American soldier,’ the expert explained.

Mr Zhdanov added that Khairkhwa is one of the initiators and active participants of today’s seizure of power in Afghanistan. Moreover, along with him, ex-leader of the Taliban detachments Mohammad Fazl, ex-deputy intelligence minister Abdul Haq Wasik, once an employee of the Taliban Ministry of Communications Mohammad Nabi and Mullah Nurullah were released.

‘Another confirmation that all these events are not accidental and that, most likely, the former Guantanamo detainees were recruited. In Doha, American negotiating teams met with the same ex-detainees. Then, these once captives directly participated in the seizure of power in Afghanistan. And, finally, they occupied the main posts in the new government,’ Mr Zhdanov summed up.

Earlier, a source close to the Taliban told RIA Novosti that a council of 12 people would lead Afghanistan. In addition to the Talibs themselves, it will include former President Hamid Karzai, Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar and Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah. A total of seven candidates have already been agreed. The Taliban also appointed acting chairs of a number of ministries and departments.

In the first decade of August 2021, the Taliban intensified their attack force against the Afghan government. The only zone not controlled by them remains Panjshir Province in the northeast of Kabul, one of the smallest regions in the country in terms of area and population. On 15 August, the militants entered the capital and took control of the presidential palace. On the night of 16 August, the Taliban political office representative, Mohammad Naim, said that the war in Afghanistan was over.

* A terrorist organisation banned in Russia